Mercurey I er Cru Les Croichots Domaine

Mercurey I er Cru Les Croichots Domaine Tremeaux 2004

A very, very interesting and complicated Grand Vin De Bourgogne from the little town of Mercurey, about 2 minutes by bicycle from Fontaines.  Produced from one of the oldest vineyard areas in France where they list 30 domaines in a town of 1,500 inhabitants (see WikiPedia’s English translation here). This wine is redominantly based on Pinot Noir.  My first impression was it was light-bodied, light-colored, almost like a beaujolais in mouthfeel.  Allowing the wine to flow to all the parts of my mouth and drawing some air in over all the surfaces quickly revealed this little wine had many different flavors and depths teasing all the parts of my mouth wonderfully.  Lots of activity and very nicely crafted.  Not “intense”, but “sincere” and almost peppery berry (hinting at cranberry?) flavor announcing itself.  Very drinkable and almost refreshing, but with layers of flavors unusual in a wine with this light body at about €7 – €8 in the supermarkets. Excellent and well made.  Hard to find any info on the Internet about Domaine Tremeaux. Small producer with excellent wine.

Contact info:
Domaine Trémeaux Père et Fils

Rue de Jamproyes
Mercurey 71640
tel: 03 85 45 23 03   fax: 03 85 45 26 1