2005 Rully by Andre DeLorme

2005 Rully by Andre DeLorme

This enjoyable red produced by Anne and Jean-Francois Delorme as “Andre DeLorme” (winner of many awards) from the pinot noir grapes can be found in and around Burgundy for about €8.  Andre DeLorme makes several varieties of Bouzeron Blanc, Givry Blanc and Rouge, Montagny Blanc, Rully Blanc and Rouge, Mercurey Rouge, cremant and some others.  Visit the DeLorme website here.

Check out the list of domaines in Rully. They list more than 50 winemakers in this village of 1,600 people, but a few on the list are actually in neighboring areas such as Mercurey, Bouzeron and Chagny.

This wine, like so many in the hills of Bourgogne, appears to be light bodied when poured into a glass and swirled about in the light.  The aroma is instantly dominated by red cherry, and the initial sips bring flavors of cassis-ladened red berry fruit to your attention.  While many pinot-based wines might give a fruity, sweet flavor when presenting red berry and cherry overtones, this Rully red leans away from sweet to more tangy, real-fruit flavors in a great balance to our taste. If you want a sweet red, look elsewhere.  This one is delightfully pleasant and drinkable, but lacks any real blockbuster or intriguing qualities – which is fine with us!  This work by DeLorme is another representation of the terrain and craftsmanship of the neighborhood. A definitely delightful everyday wine we liked quite a bit.

As quoted from their website:
The Estate is situated in delightful surroundings in the heart of the village of Rully, between the two châteaux and near the St Laurent church. It was built in 1968 with solid, traditional cellars in which climate variations are closely controlled.
The Estate’s main parcel, “les Varots”, is in Rully. Its 17.80 hectares were planted from 1955, sheltered from the North winds by Mont Varot (370 m) and exposed to the rising and setting sun.
The Chardonnays are at the top of the slope on limestone marl and the Pinot Noir is mid-slope on veins of clay and limestone.

The other vineyards are known as:
Marissou – Mouléne – Les Cloux – La Fosse – la Chaume – Montmorin – Les Thiveaux.In other villages:
• Mercurey: le Clos du Roi – les Crêts – les Murgers – le Creux du Monthelon
• Montagny: l’Epaule – les Platières – les Coères – les Jardins
• Bouzeron: les Cordères and a few parcels in the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune, where we grow the grapes used to make the Crémants de Bourgogne. The ‘terroir’ covers a total of 36 hectares.”