Domaine Cambades Viogner 2007 (blanc)

Domaine Cambades Viogner 2007 (blanc)

Domaine Cambades Influence (rouge) 2006

Domaine Cambades Influence (rouge) 2006

Friends of ours brought us a bottle of red (2006) and white (2007) from this tiny, award-winning domaine in the south of France  (Côtes du Ventoux between Rhone and Provence) where they live (ok, ok, technically NOT in or near Bourgogne..but give us a break, it’s great wine…) and we were blown away by the artisinal quality and sophistication of Herve Vincent’s wines.  Marmoiron is just north of Marseille and northwest of Avignon.

The red (“Influence”) was sophisticated, multi-layered and impressively structured and delicious with deep red fruits and a suggestion of tobacco or vine-like flavor notes.  Instantly impressive and rewarding. We immediatly wanted a case of it for keeping.

The white (“voignier”) was even more impressive when we tasted it several days later at lunch.  A resounding impression of multi-layered citrus, pre-ripe pears and mineral flavors hanging onto a deeply structured set of taste-ladened layers which kept on delivering moment after moment in the mouth.  Superbly satisfying and addicting flavors and mouthfeel.  Probably one of the most memorable whites I have ever had.  I instantly wanted to get two cases…one to keep and one to share with friends.  We can’t wait to visit the winery and meet Herve Vincent and learn how he does it.

Anyone who gets the chance should try these wines.

Price unknown.

Domaine des Cambades


Quartier Saint Roch

Tél. 06 89 07 13 03