Our freind Stephane introduced us to the tiny Domaine Joblot in Givry. (List of domains…) Essentially operating out of a small house in the tiny village of Givry marked only by a 5 inch x 5 inch ceramic sign, Jean-Marc and Vincent Joblot produce some extremely well-regarded wines from just 14 hectares of vines (10 ha is premier cru) in three areas of Givry. Some regard these wines as peers, if not better than, many of the famous Grand Cru estate wines of Burgundy, and some consider his wines perhaps some of the best in Givry. According to some reports, Joblot selects and harvests his grapes on the basis of acidity, not sugar, and does all his triage of grapes in the field, refusing to bring any sub-standard grapes to the cuverie, sometimes rejecting 30-40% of the harvest – preferring to “not interfere” with the wine in development.  Judging by the number of people who stopped by to purchase wine during our brief visit on a saturday morning and a return visit a few weeks later, people seem to think these wines are special.

Burghound posts some comments about Domain Joblot which are interesting, describing Joblot’s production techniques and preferences.  Robert Kacher Selections in Washington D.C. imports Jean-Marc’s wines to the USA and has information about these wines.

We tasted three wines initially:

  • Givry 1er Cru Clos De La Servoisine 2007 (rouge)
  • Givry 1er Cru Clos Du Cellier Aux Moines 2007 (rouge)
  • En Veau Givry Vieilles Vignes 2007 (blanc)

Generally, these wines immediately impressed me as having finesse and character beyond many, many wines in our neighborhood.  Priced at €16.50 (+-) per bottle from the domaine itself, they are a remarkable bargain for the level of quality and care that goes into them.  When asked which ones he favored, Jean-Marc replied “Oh…I do not have a favorite….I love all my babies!”.  While individual tasting notes are written below, the reds gave me the unmistakable impression of being able to age unusually well for Pinot-based wines of Bourgogne.  There was a refined tightness of tannins and flavor begging to mature for several years in the cellar, although they were remakably delicious and rewarding as-is from their 2007 vintage.  I immediately wanted to find some older ones to try.  It will be hard to cellar these and not drink them.  (I will have to go back and buy more.)  Telegraph wine mentions Robert Parker sayng “they are not just well-concentrated. They are well-balanced and possessed of considerable refinementArmit.co.uk has some more descriptions of the wines which we agree with!  One problem….he sells-out his bottlings rather quickly to his fanatical followers…so if you want them, move on them!  Some more comments from the French enthusiasts about Domaine Joblot can be found at LaPassionDuVin.com.

2007 Domaine Joblot Clos De La Servoisine

2007 Domaine Joblot Clos De La Servoisine

Retailing in British shops for around ~£25 ( $35 usd as of Feb 2009),  the Clos De La Servoisine is an elegant, deeply colored Pinot Noir with strength and structure begging for cellaring. Many layers of deep, mature red-to-black fruit are evident even at this young age of 2007.  Tannins provide a structure to age and mellow nicely with some years of storage, but it is a delicious wine even now. Round, minerally and gripping. Very memorable.

2007 Domaine Joblot Clos Du Cellier Aux Moines

2007 Domaine Joblot Clos Du Cellier Aux Moines

A different style, feel and flavor than the Servoisine, but retaining the same elegant, structured flavors and presence. Dark cherry and plum aromas surround the ripe tannin backbone of this red. Some sites comment the Clos Cellier aux Moines is deeper or more broadly flavored yet firmer. I agree and found this one had a longer, more detailed finish that lingered on and on (eve at this young age), and made me think of dark fruit stretching along my palate, which was really fun. Full and penetrating without being heavy.  This Burgundy, like most of the others from Domaine Joblot, makes many of the other overpriced wines of the region seem flimsy and weak. Wow…Clos Cellier aux Moines, or Clos de la Seroisine?  Hard to choose….hard to choose…

2007 Domaine Joblot En Veux

2007 Domaine Joblot En Veau

Here is a white with a concentration of flavor and style that immediately impressed me as an expressive Chardonnay-based Burgundy. Structured citrus and mineral notes in what some might feel is a slightly bitter flavor compared to some overly-sweet Chardonnays, but with an old-vine elegance and depth. Green apples and pears lie under the initial citrus impression, leading to vanilla wafting through the flavors deeper down.  Not “bracing”, but authoritative in its announcement to your palate, begging for more tastes. Impressive white with a style not everyone will expect from Burgundy. “Stylish” production from these grapes.

These wines really impressed me and confirmed my dream that in the tiny houses of the tiny villages of Bourgogne, there are remarkable wine makers producing fantastic wines from tiny patches of vines to rival the “big wineries.”  Needless to say, I went home with some boxes of Joblot’s wines to drink and share with friends, and will return immediately for more boxes to hopefully cellar into maturity (if I can keep my hands off them in the meantime…).

Great work from a passionate winemaker in Burgundy.

Contact info:

4, rue Pasteur
71640 GIVRY
Téléphone: 03 85 44 30 77
Fax: 03 85 44 36 72

ouverture: 8h – 12h et 14h – 18h (sur rendez vous)
fermé le dimanche