One of the unsung treasures of Bourgogne is a wonderful bike/walking path (”Voie Vert“) along the barge canal passing through Chagny, Fontaines, Chalon sur Saone and beyond.  It has numerous locks to pass passenger boats along the canal with “self service” ropes you pull to activate the gates, flood or drain the lock and pass you through to the next level.  Very popular with vacation barges and rental boaters.  Bicycles, pedestrians and all sorts of traffic frequent the voie vert.  They have excellent signage, directional maps and service pointers along the way.  They cross roads every few kilometers (or more frequently), and little restaurants, bars, hotels and services are often found along the path.  Really, really nice and a joy to have.  Watch out for patrolling service cars along the path, they can creep up on you if you don’t pay attention.  Wonderful feature of our little valley in Bourgogne.

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Voie Vert as it passes through Fontaines in Bourgogne