2007 Clos du Chaigne (Rully 1er Cru) by Domaine Philippe Chautard

2007 Clos du Chaigne (Rully 1er Cru) by Domaine Louis Picamelot (Philippe Chautard)

Another very interesting bargain found at the Maison du Vin in Chalon-sur-Soane for €13.50 (Bertrand Celce has a good post about Maison du Vin you might want to read…as well as all his posts and photos..a beautiful blog worth viewing).  A slighly golden-colored white premier cru by Domaine Louis Picamelot , well known for making 5 different cremants of Bourgogne.  Domaine Picamelot (owned and operated by Philippe Chautard, Louis Picamelot’s grandson)  consistently wins awards for the cremant they produce, and judging by the quality of this bottle of young “Clos du Chaigne”, their only non-sparkling wine,  it is probably very, very good indeed.

This white immediately struck a very nice balance between the refeshing acidity and crisp flavors of citrus and white fruit with a smooth, nearly buttery feel and glycerine silky presence bordering on creamy.  The flavors linger and change, revealing more depth as it develops over the mid palate and keeps on delivering a flavor you might expect to see more close to Montrachet and its neighboring parcels than from tiny Rully.  The aroma has definite white flower notes which deliver their flavor into the start, mid and finish with subtle hints of vanilla and toast.  Delicious 1er Cru from Rully.  Now I have to see what all the fuss is about their cremant collection. Can’t wait….


Domaine Louis Picamelot
12 , Place de la Croix Blanche- BP 2
Tél. : +33 (0) 3 85 87 13 60