Domaine Ragot (Givry) 1er Cru "La Grande Berge" Rouge 2007

Another good find from La Maison Des Vin in Chalon Sur Saone.  For about €15, this premier cru from Domaine Ragot of Givry shows great character, even at its young vintage of 2007.    Smoothly balanced with deep red fruit core, slight woody flavor and rounded tannins giving it a structure and depth of flavor.  This one developed more flavors after being opened to the air for about an hour or more, and became more impressive as time passed.  Medium bodied, with color tending to the lighter side, but rich flavors and depth beyond its color.  Warm aromas of deep red fruit and hints of woodiness. This wine comes from 5.89 hectares of vines in Givry. Very nice work.  Tim Akins quoted at 3D Wines seemed to agree! We will definitely buy more of this one, and we want to try the white next.

Domaine Ragot
4, rue de l’école
71640 Givry

tel:03 85 44 35 67
fax: 03 85 44 38 84