Cellier Henry IV of Givry

David Roland’s Cellier Henry IV in Givry is one of those small, cozy wine stores you wish was right around the corner from wherever you live.   Mr. Roland specializes in wines from the smaller, perhaps lesser-known wineries of the Cote Chalonnaise, and carries a wide selection of vin blanc, vin rouge, cremant and a surprising array of whiskeys and champagnes.  His website is more up-to-date with his inventory than many other wine vendors and he is proud to personally help his customers select just the right wine for their needs.  David Roland helped us select wines to pair with a birthday dinner, and after suggesting some various reds, whites and cremants, we settled on our choices, happy as could be.  Perhaps the best part of his tiny store in Givry is the ability to find smaller domaines at very, very reasonable prices.  Purposely avoiding the hyper-priced wines so common in Beaune to the North (David lives in Beaune!), David focuses on many wines under €20 and has a deep selection of styles and perhaps more vintage selections than you typically find.  Definitely look for the wine bottles sitting on the old barrels on the Rue de Republique in front of his little shop. He is an enthusiastic, friendly, knowledgeable seller of wines of the Cote Chalonnaise, and he can probably recommend a wine you may not know about, but will bring you hours of happy tasting.  He also carries selections of wines from other regions of France…so you don’t have to concentrate solely on Burgundy. Check him out at