This wine caught us by surprise with its inky-black color and bold, deep aromas right out of the bottle.  Somewhat atypical from what we usually expect to find around Mâcon.  This red was nearly brooding and very impressive, but well balanced and not one-dimensional. A definite taste of hot minerality and darkened red fruit around a nicely structured frame which could withstand another 5 or more years in the bottle and become even more interesting.  “Wow” was the word around the table. Sediment was evident in the bottle (see photo), which again, can be unusual for a wine around Macon. Marc and Vinciane Dumont run the winery at the domain (   The folks over at  International Vineyards ( have a superb overview of the domaine worth reading.  Excellent.  About €24 at a restaurant.  Photo above is from the Le Relais d’Ozenay‎.